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Re: (TFT) Fantasy Codex & HtH

On 11/29/99 17:54:26 you wrote:
>      You wrote....
>>It's been quiet out there so here is another morsel.  I noticed in >The 
>>Fantasy Codex, Metagaming was thinking of making HTH a combat >action 
>>rather than a movement action in TFT:ITL "Second Edition"   >(FC p. Combat 
>>10).  What do you all think????
>     "A figure MUST STOP ITS MOVEMENT for the turn when it becomes
>'engaged' - see below, under FACING.
>                          (AM p4, section 3. MOVEMENT, paragraph 4)
>     It is not possible for a figure to run up and engage a figure in HTH in 
>one turn, unless they run up behind them.   As soon as they become engaged 
>their movement stops.  To attempt HTH one has to move onto the opponent.  
>The following turn they can shift onto the figure.

A VERY sharp reading of the rules...although not, I would hazard, the meaning 
one would come away with at first reading, the more I think about it the more 
it makes sense.  In any case, it's definitely the medicine what's needed to 
reign in this HTH foolishness.  Yes, yes...I LIKE IT!

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