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Re: (TFT) Fantasy Codex & HtH

     You wrote....

It's been quiet out there so here is another morsel. I noticed in >The Fantasy Codex, Metagaming was thinking of making HTH a combat >action rather than a movement action in TFT:ITL "Second Edition" >(FC p. Combat 10). What do you all think????

    "A figure MUST STOP ITS MOVEMENT for the turn when it becomes
'engaged' - see below, under FACING.
                         (AM p4, section 3. MOVEMENT, paragraph 4)

It is not possible for a figure to run up and engage a figure in HTH in one turn, unless they run up behind them. As soon as they become engaged their movement stops. To attempt HTH one has to move onto the opponent. The following turn they can shift onto the figure.

What about flying tackles???

At first I thought you were refering to the famous Gargoyle HTH attempts. Our group had some small debate about resisting any HTH from a flying creature who is made of rock. Your response to Roh Pehr clarifies...

...Perhaps instead of making this an HtH attack consider it a shield >"body" rush. Treating it exactly like a shield rush (AM p.13) except >that if the target is knocked down the animal is on top of the victim >in HtH. Humans should be able to do this too. Treat as a shield >rush but if the defender has a shield add 1 to their ST for each hit >that the shield stops.

    This reminds me of  the movement rules for multihex figures.
    Back to your original post...

Animals knocking their prey down (my players hated wolves/lions/ >tigers for this reason). It gave wolves a fighting chance.

Personaly I always have wolves attack in packs. If there is only one of them they won't do it. This if for non summoned wolves of course. In the case of Lions and tigers they are multihex figures (ITL p61) and not subject to the same engagement rules as single hex figures (AM p4). All they have to do is move onto the player forcing them to make a save vs. DX or fall down.
    And lastly  'Two attacks a turn', a by product of the HTH rules...

Does this mean with the rule change that if a defender has a higher >DX, he could possibly attack twice. Once for >normal combat action >and the possiblity of roll a 6 on the HtH roll???

Yours in Cidri,

I thought this meant they had jumped on the weapon by accident, and in no way constituted a second action. I say this for two reasons. A 6 doesn't count if they were jumped from behind, and it doesn't count if the figure is unarmed. Page fifteen of Advanced Melee even goes so far to say that a figure is is jumped in HTH and rolls a 6 to resist, who is also unarmed, but has unarmed combat gets to damage the attacker. Personally I question the validity of accidently jumping onto a martial artists fist or Karate chop, but none of my players have ever chalenged it.

            David Michael Grouchy II

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