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I started this list to find other people who liked this old roleplaying game (RPG) system, and especially folks who liked the 2 original MicroGames by Metagaming that started it, Melee and Wizard.

I'm especially interested in playing these two games, and the MicroQuest series, by email. Click here for more information!

You can subscribe to the list be sending an email to with the command "subscribe tft" in the body of the message.

The list is also available in digest form; just mail to with the command "subscribe tft-digest" in the body of the message.

TFT WIKI Now Online!

The new wiki for rule modifications, homebrew adventures and more is online.

Rick Smith is adding more "house rule" stuff and other additions that have appeared on the list. Here's the link to his work.

Here's some excellent information on the games released by Metagaming as compiled by Michel Boucher:

  • Metagaming Ludography
  • Interplay index
  • Metagaming Game Index and Descriptions
  • Here's a set of rule additions and clarifications that includes some new skills and the use of sectional armor. (Thanks to Chris Nicole for turning the plain text into HTML!)

    Here's an excellent character sheet based on a design by Andrew Morris. It's available in the Word7.0 (35Kb) and PDF (8Kb) formats.

    I made a few modifications to the character sheets above. These work better for me, though they're a bit more cluttered than Andrew's. I decided to make them both available so you can use whichever one you prefer. There's the Word7.0 (17Kb) and the PDF (9Kb) versions.

    Here's a document that allows you to play Traveller using TFT rules.

    TFT Microquests by Email!

    I've built a number of CyberBoard gameboxes for TFT MicroQuests as well as Melee/Wizard. Click here for more information!

    The best TFT website around

    I'd originally hoped to build a collection of other player's rule additions, characters, campaign walkthroughs and the like, but Ty Beard's already done it extremely well. I urge everyone to visit his The Fantasy Trip: A World Wide Web Resource website at

    UPDATE: It looks like Ty's site is not online anymore. I'll see if I can host some of its files, but will only do so with Ty's OK.

    If you'd like to volunteer to snazz up this site, drop me a line at I'm not a web designer, as you can tell, and the site can use all the help it can get!

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