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(TFT) Robin Hood and MENSA

My comrade Stan stated,

<<<Aren't the IQ levels on these talents (10 & 11) rather low?  Consider
the IQ levels needed to get comparable benefits from the Unarmed Combat
talents.  As it stands now, a starting 32 point character could easily
have the highest level of quarterstaff mastery and that seems like a
bit much.

And a two-die roll against DX to disarm?  That's so easy it may as
well be automatic.  Instead how about +1 on fending off HtH attempts
or something?>>>

I feel the IQ levels on these talents are fine.  The quarterstave was the
poorman's weapon.  I don't see many of Robin's Merrymen with high-IQ's but
they were certainly proficient with the stave.  It was shown as late as the
17th century that one man with a quarterstave was proficient enough to beat
two well trained swordsmen.  Although, I might make the master level IQ 12

I do agree with Stan's second paragraph though.  Sounds great!

Yours in Cidri and Chalupa's,

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