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Re: (TFT) Robin Hood and MENSA

On 02/10/00 19:17:16 Justin wrote:
>I feel the IQ levels on these talents are fine.  The quarterstave was the
>poorman's weapon.  I don't see many of Robin's Merrymen with high-IQ's but
>they were certainly proficient with the stave.  

Well by the same token while I don't see Bruce Lee as some sort of genius
nonetheless he had to crank his IQ to 14 to get benefits from UC comparable
to those given by these skills.  Think of the IQ as representing mental 
discipline and long, hard days of practice rather than pure analytical 
brainpower in this case.

Now you can argue that it's just plain harder to fight unarmed than with
a weapon--and I won't disagree--but I see this more a question of game 
balance than anything to do with reality.  For all I know, in reality 
one guy with a quarterstaff might be able to defeat ten guys armed with
swords.  If it messes with the game too much, I still won't use it.  But
whatever floats one's boat.  I wouldn't want to be accused of telling 
anyone how to run their game, after all.

Stan (still arguing even while he's unconscious!)

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