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(TFT) Re: Quarterstaff

From: "Dave Seagraves" <dseagraves@austin.rr.com>
> EXPERT QUARTERSTAFF (2): Prerequisite: Quarterstaff.  A figure
>    with this talent and armed with a quarterstaff only rolls 3
>    dice vs. DX to disarm as opponent, and they must roll 4 dice
>    to strike him in melee combat; 5 if defending.  [DCS]
> MASTER QUARTERSTAFF (2): Prerequisite: Expert Quarterstaff.  A
>    higher level of skill with this innocuous weapon.  Disarming
>    an opponent takes only a 2-die roll vs. DX (!!!) and attacking
>    melee opponents must now roll 5 dice to hit, or 6 if defending.

Since other weapons (well, Sword and Bow anyway) and most other skills 
(Horsemanship, Physicker, etc.) have only two levels, and the only  
skill to have more than two is Unarmed Combat, I'd say Quarterstaff only 
needs two levels too. I'd keep Expert Quarterstaff and make it IQ 11 in my 

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