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(TFT) TFT: New Magic Items

   Here are some new magic items, most of which are from Interplay magazine.
After some thought-testing I discovered that most of those were hideously
underpriced.  I revalued them by comparing them to similar items in
/Advanced Wizard/, and edited and cleaned up the descriptions as well.  What
do you think?

LESSER ITEMS     Price    Notes   Weeks   ST   Cost/week   Starting Item
Break Weapon     5000     C       6       40   260         Any weapon
Gloves of Zeus   20,000   D       10      47   1200        Silver gloves
Horn of Plenty   4000     B       4       50   450         One large horn

GREATER ITEMS    Price     Notes   Weeks   ST   Cost/week   Starting Item
Magic Mirror     30,000    E       18      35   750         Mirror ($100)
Sorcerer's Eye   100,000   E       18      75   3800        Crystal orb
Truthspeak Orb   10,000            2       20   4300        Crystal orb

BREAK WEAPON: A weapon with this enchantment is capable
   of breaking other weapons.  If the wielder scores a
   hit against an opponent's weapon (at the normal -4 DX
   to hit) then it is affected as if the opponent had
   just rolled an 18 to hit.  This automatically means
   a broken weapon unless it is fine, very fine, or
   magically immune to being broken.
      It costs 3 ST to activate this item for one turn,
   and a successful hit (as described above) must be done
   during that same turn, otherwise it behaves just like
   a normal weapon.  [DCS]
GLOVES OF ZEUS: This enchantment increases the wearer's
   ST by 5, but only for purposes of lifting and shifting
   heavy objects, and for increasing HtH damage.  It also
   allows the wearer to wield a weapon 5 ST higher than
   normal.  [Greg Sharp/IP6]
HORN OF PLENTY: A large horn which produces 10 man-days
   of food per day.  The food looks and smells great, but
   is actually rather tasteless.  [Greg Sharp/IP6]
MAGIC MIRROR: Just like a standard crystal ball, but it
   will not show the future and all questions must be
   rhymed, e.g. "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the
   fairest of them all?"  The mirror also has a rather
   sarcastic personality.  Cost to use a magic mirror:
   1 ST.  [Greg Sharp/IP6]
SORCEROR'S EYE: This powerful item allows the wizard to
   hypnotize victims as if he were a dragon.  Assume about
   one customer per week if the owner goes into business
   making people forget talents and spells with this item.
   Also, the local Wizard's Guild might get annoyed with
   the competition.  [Greg Sharp/IP6]
TRUTHSPEAK ORB: A small ball of crystal which shows the
   level of truth spoken by anyone within the holder's
   megamegahex.  Absolute truth makes the orb turn dead
   white; an outrageous lie turns it flat black.  Most
   statements will make the orb turn some shade of gray.
      Note: The orb measures truth based on how much the
   speaker /believes/ what he says is true.  For example,
   a madman could make the orb turn white by saying, "All
   trees are evil" if he really believed that statement.
   The reverse holds true as well - "I am a human" would
   give a black result if a human believed he was an orc.
   With this item truth is in the eye of the beholder.
   [Greg Sharp/IP6]

   Enjoy.  8^)

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Computers   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760
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