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(TFT) TFT: Quarterstaff Talents

Joe writes . . .

>"Actually, it's a buck-and-a-quarterstaff, but I don't have to tell HIM
>    - D. Duck

   Heh . . .  I thought of that as well when I typed it.  I wonder what that
means?  8^)

Stan writes . . .

>Aren't the IQ levels on these talents (10 & 11) rather low?

   The IQ levels are on par with the other Expert and Master weapon talents
that Ty Beard has on the TFT List web site -- that's how I decided that one.

>And a two-die roll against DX to disarm?

   Mmmm . . .  that does seem too much, doesn't it?  . . . even with a 3-die
saving roll by the defender.

   I reread the Quarterstaff rules in /Advanced Melee/.  For some reason I
had the idea that it took a 4-die roll vs. DX to disarm a foe, which led me
astray when creating these talents.  I also forgot about the adjDX minimums
with the other Expert and Master weapon talents.  So here's version 2.0:

EXPERT QUARTERSTAFF (2): Prerequisite: Quarterstaff
   and an adjDX of 13.  A figure with this talent
   and armed with a quarterstaff only suffers a -2
   DX to disarm an opponent, and they must roll 4
   dice to strike him in melee combat; 5 if defending.

MASTER QUARTERSTAFF (2): Prerequisite: Expert Quarter-
   staff and an adjDX of 16.  A higher level of skill
   with this innocuous weapon.  Disarming an opponent
   can be done at no penalty, and attacking melee
   opponents must now roll 5 dice to hit, or 6 if
   defending.  [DCS]

   I think the idea of moving Master Quarterstaff to IQ 12 has some merit,
but then the obvious elegant thing to do is make /all/ the Master weapon
talents (both mine and Ty's) IQ 12 as well.  Can I have a show of hands?

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Computers   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760
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