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Re: [(TFT) TFT: Quarterstaff Talents]

Here are a few of the talents I've created for the TFT Oriental Rules
Supplement I wrote years back (and which I'm still trying to encode, this time
in HTML format -- the rules are longer than I thought they were and I'm
revising some of them)

IQ 8

FLEXIBLE WEAPONS (2) need adjDX 12. A prerequisite to wielding such weapons as
the KAWANAGA, KUSARIGAMA or CHIGIRIKI. The Talent also enhances use of
non-Oriental weapons such as the MORNINGSTAR. A figure with this Talent can
use a long enough (GM will rule on this) flexible weapon in such a way as to
NEGATE the effect of shields and parrying weapons (the weapon curls around the
blocking object). The Talent also allows its user to IMPROVISE, using a belt,
rope or chain with a weight attached to at least one end. Such a device could
be used to hit (at +2 to ST DMA, if the GM thinks the weight is heavy enough)
or entangle (use SHIELD RUSH rules, except that a victim who falls spends one
turn disentangling himself). Such improvised flexible weapons would be liable
to break easily, though. For a more detailed explanation of what specific
Japanese flexible weapons can do, refer to the weapons section.

IQ 11

MASTER ARCHERY 1 (2). need adjDX 16, BOW, MISSILE WEAPONS.  Enhances use of a
bow (NOT crossbow) through the use of the FENCING TABLE. Plus, DX adjustments
for range are calculated on the basis of -1DX per eight hexes, instead of -1DX
per six hexes.

IQ 12

MASTER ARCHERY 2 (3). need MASTER ARCHERY 1. This Talent adds 2 to the DM 
done by any bow (NOT crossbow).  Its user can also attempt a TRICK SHOT,
forfeiting any multiple shots or actions that turn, at a range of DX/3 (round
down) hexes. Lastly, all to hit rolls of 3-5 are possible Critical Hits --
KICKING (3). need adjDX 13, UC2. Allows use of the feet as deadly weapons,
doing more DM than fists. Kicking adds 2 points to the net DM its user could
do with his BARE fists (count UC adds, but not fist-type weapon bonuses).
There are several KICKING attacks:

     1. REGULAR KICK. "Normal" attack which can be part of a multiple attack
     2. SWEEP KICK. An attempt to knock down a foe. Attacker rolls at a -3DX
and if he                scores a hit, his target must save 4vDX against
falling down (no DM). This kick can be           combined with multiple
attacks. It is no good against one-hex humanoids with ST>30;             
multi-hex creatures with ST>20; multi-legged or flying creatures.  A foe who
knows UC            saves on TWO LESS DICE is his UC level is higher than the
kicker's and ONE LESS DIE is his   UC level is the same as the kicker's

     3. REVERSE KICK. Delivered to either the attacker's rear hex or any of
his side hexes at a       penalty of -8DX and -6DX respectively. This can be
part of a multiple attack.

     4. FLYING KICK. Executed like a POLE CHARGE except that DM is not
doubled. If hit the  victim suffers normal DM (armor protects) and even if his
armored absorbed all the DM            he must save 4vDX against falling. A
target with higher UC skill rolls TWO LESS dice; one        less if UC mastery
is equal. For multi-hex, multi-legged and flying creatures, the same         
restrictions apply as in SWEEP KICK.  A KICKER who rolls 16 or higher on this
attack suffers  the same effects as does a LEAPER. Treat 16 as a fall in front
of or adjacent to (the GM  rules) the target

     5. CRIPPLING KICK. Aimed at at target's head at a -6DX. If it hits, the
DM is multiplied by 1.5. If the kicker rolls 4 or 4 or the victim suffers
TRIPLE DAMAGE instead. This cannot be combined with multiple attacks. It can
only be made to the kicker's FRONT hexes and will not      work against a foe
wearing a helm, or one who       is a multihex creature. It cannot be used

Michael Taylor <MichaelTaylor1@compuserve.com> wrote:
> Message text written by INTERNET:tft@brainiac.com
> I do love new TFT Talents but I must say I keep seeing these very similar
> Talents come out. I'd like to see some truly new Talents rather than more
> extended weapons talents....
> I thought Craig Brown covered Quartstaff's very nicely:
> STAFF FENCING (IQ 10, Costs 3, AdjDX 14 or better and Quarterstaff skill,
> Cannot be improved, cb). This acts like the Fencing talent for the
> Quarterstaff and all the rules for Fencing apply when using a Quarterstaff.
> STAFF FENCING II (IQ 11, Costs 3, Prerequisite: DX 15+ and Staff Fencing,
> cb). As Fencing II only with a Quarterstaff. 
> STAFF FENCING III (IQ 12, Costs 4, Prerequisite: DX 16+ and Staff Fencing
> II, cb). As Fencing III only with a Quarterstaff.
> STAFF FENCING IV (IQ 12, Costs 4, Prerequisite: DX 16+ and Staff Fencing
> III, cb). As Fencing IV only with a Quarterstaff. 
> Michael 
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