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(TFT) TFT: Break Weapon Enchantment

Stan writes . . .

>One thing that bothers me just a tiny bit.  The Break
>Weapon item doesn't work at all like the existing Drop
>Weapon item (which is basically a cursed item).  It seems
>that to be consistent, either spell should be able to
>made into either the "curse" form or the "cast it
>yourself" form of the enchantment.

   That would be nice if we had all of the /Advanced Wizard/ spells turned
into multiple enchantment types on a consistent and elegant basis, but I
don't think it's strictly necessary.
   Last year after one episode of my campaign, a player noticed there was no
enchantment for Break Weapon, and we both thought this to be rather odd --
Drop Weapon was there, but no Break Weapon.  (We concluded it was probably a
play balance decision of Steve's to leave it out.)  I thought about it a
long time before coming up with the magic item I put on the list.  I had
considered (a) an arrow which made the target's weapon break, and (b) a
cursed item which broke one or all of your weapons when you picked it up or
put it on, but I rejected both as far-fetched and "unrealistic."  I thought
that if one was going to make an enchantment called Break Weapon, then one
put on a weapon and meant to break your enemy's weapon was the most
"believeable" way to go.

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