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Re: (TFT) TFT: Break Weapon Enchantment

Dave writes:

> Last year after one episode of my campaign, a player noticed there 
> was no enchantment for Break Weapon, and we both thought this to be 
> rather odd -- Drop Weapon was there, but no Break Weapon.  (We 
> concluded it was probably a play balance decision of Steve's to 
> leave it out.)

I think this is correct - giving Wizards the ability to break a
fighter's weapon would put fighters more at a disadvantage than 
they already are.  But I believe there's a way to remedy this,
however.  Make the Break Weapon spell work by Touch.  Any magic 
weapon with such a spell could have a chance to break an opponents
weapon on a successful parry and you could even give a saving throw
(perhaps the ST required to yield it) to the opposing weapon.


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