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(TFT) New HTH rules

I can't just send out my HTH rules since that would violate copywrite.
(I have copied the origional rules and then modified them.) Here are the
_changes_ from the existing rules which I am legally free to distribute:

instead of the normal 4 conditions that must be true to enter HTH, there
is a fifth condition when someone can enter HTH with you:

... OR (e) you are making a wild dive for the enemies' legs (you may not dive for the enemies' legs if the enemies' MA is twice your MA or higher). If you dive for the enemies legs you enter HTH during MOVEMENT, then there is an increased chance of being knocked back or attacked when this method is used.

Note that the phrase: 'back is to a wall', in the normal rules I interpret broadly: as any case when the person you are trying to go into HTH can not retreat. Some one standing on an edge of a cliff, or surrounded by enemies I would say you could try to go into HTH because of this rule.

This has changed somewhat in the various editions of MELEE. The method I use is:

You move adjacent to the character and stop.
During the options part of the turn when your turn to attack comes you attempt to go into HTH.
You may disengage from figure while going into HTH but they may be able to attack you. (See
attacking disengaging figures.) If a figure you are disengaging from hits you, and does sufficient
damage to knock you down, then you fall in your own hex. You do not attempt HTH after all.
The defender rolls a single die to see if you succeed (see regular rules).
You may attack on that turn but at -4 adj DX.

(Diving into HTH during movement by tackling the legs is an exception to the above since it happens during movement. If enemies with to attack you as you go into HTH they must use the Attacking During Movement rules.)

Use the normal rules except that you add one if the enemy is diving at your legs. Note that certain talents such as Judo and Dive Block will modify this roll.

Since it is possible to roll higher than 6 on this MODIFIED one die roll, any results of 7 or greater result in the attacker NOT entering HTH and the defender getting a free attack. Some talents have additional effects on rolls of 7 or more.

I have made major changes in this section of the rules.

All figures in HTH are at -4 DX.
Standing figures attacking into HTH are at +4 DX
The person who initiated HTH (on the turn they enter) is at an additional -4 DX
The strongest figure in HTH gets +2 DX
Attacking with a Dirk in HTH -2 DX
Attacking with a Poinard in HTH -4 DX
Shield in HTH (see below) -1, -2, -3 DX, etc.

Shields do not protect you in HTH. However it takes the first turn of HTH to drop them. For that first turn of HTH you are at a DX penalty equal to the amount the shield protects you. For example, if you have an Agis shield (stops 3 hits) you are at -3 DX on the first turn of HTH. After that first turn the shield is automatically dropped as a free action.

Figures disengaging from HTH _are_ at the -4 DX for being in HTH.
Drawing a knife requires a 3vsDX roll. The penalties for large knives such as dirks and poinards DO count on this roll.
Pinning is now a X:XvsDX with +1 DX for each 3 ST you are stronger than the enemy. Several talents will modify this roll, see the talent descriptions. (For a description of the contested roll X:XvsDX see the Battle of wills rules on TY's web site.)
Disengaging from HTH. These rules are as per normal, but if the enemy wants to let you go, you need not roll the 4 dice.

A figure with no weapon ready may attack with his bare hands. This does damage according to the figure's ST:

Figure's ST Unarmed Damage (Fist or Kicking)
0 to 3 1d-5
4 to 7 1d-4
8 to 11 1d-3
12 to 15 1d-2
16 to 19 1d-1
20 to 26 1die (After 20 ST, the damage rises more slowly.)
27 to 32 1d+1
33 to 39 1d+2
40 to 46 2d
47 to 52 2d+1 etc. (Follow the pattern from 20 ST to 40 ST.)

(For very large creatures an approximate amount of damage they do unarmed can be calculated with this formula: ST / 20 = # of dice of damage. So a 100 ST ogre would do about 5 dice bare handed.

In HTH combat all fighters do +1 damage. So a 11 ST fighter would do 1d-2 in HTH. Note that some weapons do damage based on the fist damage:
A one handed club does Fist damage +2
A two handed club does Fist damage +4
A thrown rock does Fist damage if it hits.

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