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(TFT) Literary origin of svarts....ecology of....

Yeah, I know, I read weirdstone of Brisingamen, Moon of Gomrath(?) and
Elidor (Bodachs and Palug Cats come from his books too)
I don't remember too much of the books but that they were goblinoid
critters, much like in WD12 and Fiend Folio. Early White Dwarves had some
fun creatures in them (Bodachs came along in WD16 I think)
The name comes from svart-alfar, the opposite of lios-alfar (i.e. Light and
Dark Elves in norse). I mean, all monsters get selectively interpreted and
fleshed out, its just nice to see (and hence embellish your own) ideas of
other monsters/races whatever, like we did with giants/cyclopes/ettins and
fomorians a few months ago.
One thing I liked from the Dragon magazine was the "Ecology of" series
which has appeared over the years to expand alot of our favourite critters.
Some were good and some were not so good (whichever male chauvinist came up
with Maedar (male medusas...ummm).
Aw heck, I'll throw this open.. not just svarts but any other critters
anyone's elaborated on, let us know about it and I'll sling up what I got
and expand upon it.
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