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(TFT) medusa lizards (fwd)

The list server took an unexpected drive crash earlier today, taking out the
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     "It was a little smaller than a man and vaguely human in shape.  It had 
a tail, pointed ears, and a hooked beak, and was covered all over with 
reptilian scales...  It squatted on the deck like a dog."  --  L. Sprague 
     Graeme Davis offered an adaptation (for AD&D) of deCamp's medusae in 
Pegasus #12.  His version is enough different from deCamp's that I've 
developed two varieties, the domesticated and the feral.  Originally 
intelligent beings, the medusae were enslaved by the Mnoren and selectively 
bred as a servitor race.  These domesticated medusae are still kept be 
contemporary wizards.  Some have escaped (freed when adventurers killed 
their masters?) and in the wild have reverted to bestial creatures.

Medusa lizards:
Domestic:  ST:13 (1 hex)  DX:10  IQ:7   MA:6   HS:2
Feral:  ST:27 (4 hex), 54 (7 hex)  DX:10  IQ:4   MA:6   HS:3 (dorsal plates 
in addition to the scales.)
     Attacks against medusae are at -1 to the attacker's DX.  Medusae 
themselves have three physical attacks and one special attack.  The Physical 
attacks are: 2 claws for D6-2 (domestic), or 1/2D6 (1 to 3, feral), and a 
bite for D6.  The special attack is a hissing scream which acts as a Freeze 
spell; the special attack can be used once every 9 melee turns.  Feral 
medusae use the scream for hunting, moving in for the kill only after their 
prey is paralyzed.

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