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RE: (TFT) TFT: Summoning Poll

>	>Should it require two spell slots to hold say, Reptile Man 
>	>with PikeAxe  and Reptile Man with Halberd?  Naw - this is
>	>probably going overboard. 

>I agree, but what I think Sandock's point was that while Reptile Man sword
>is different
>from Reptile Man Axe both spells would occupy the same IQ slot but to learn
>the "additional" spell would cost an arbitrary amount of xp (100 maybe).

>On the other hand being able to summon a lizardman or a croc or a snake
>would a "genus"
>and would require two (or more) IQ slots.

>Of course Mister Sandock could probably explain himself better than I

I wish I could explain myself better. What Dominic says seems to be correct.
At least it seems to agree with the way I run spells/skills in my Melee game
(as an aside: I have a bad habit of calling the entire fantasy Trip game
Melee. It's how it was introduced to me, and bad habits are like candy to

Spending the arbitrary amount of xp to learn the variant (Dominic's example
of 100 is ok) would not imply another IQ slot would be used. This way a mage
could learn one form of summoning (mymidion w/ sword) in one IQ slot. Then
by spending in-game time and some xp they could learn a limitless amount of
variants (of course if this happened I would feel obliged to find some way
to limit them). It may work out this way:

1. Mage learns Myrmidion w/ sword at normal IQ 
2. Mage states he wants to try making Myrmidion w/ axe
3. Some in game time is spent, perhaps a risk roll (sounds cool in case they
botch). The mage expends some xp. Perhaps the mage researches the history of
Myrmidions or the differences between swords and axes (this is where the
players creativity can come to full bloom).
4. The mage can now cast Myrmidion w/ sword or w/ axe. No addition IQ slot
is used and the mage could also spend time making additional variants.

another option would be:

1.  Mage wishes to be very flexible
2.  The mage learns Summon Myrmidion (with sword) as normal.
3.  The mage wants to learn the 'higher' level of summon Myrmidion, call it
summon race.
4.  This spell is much higher IQ (I don't have the book with me so I can't
tell what IQ summon Myrmidion is normally). The gamemaster may require
special study or a tutor for this kind of spell. 
5.  The player uses a second IQ slot to learn Summon Race (Myrmidion). The
first slot was the basic Summon Myrmidion, the Summon Race is the second
6.  Now the player can create Mymidions with axes or swords or even bows. 

Some problems with this would be what limits what a Mymidion could have?
Could you give one plate mail? I will have to think on this.

These ideas are more based on the creation of the creature instead of gating
it in. I have never really liked the idea of gated creatures (I'll leave why
for a later e-mail). I do see how my summon spell could seem strange in a
world where all summoning are gated. I do believe that Demons are summoned,
just other creatures are created. Hence the independant will of Demons
(again I will leave this for another post).

This system also works well with my bastardized skill system which I will
post sometime so everyone can poke holes in it. Untill then I hope you have
fun tearing down my summon creature spell.

Justin R. Sandock
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