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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

Brennan O'Brien wrote:
> What we need is:
> A rough figure of what we believe, as a fan group, we
> can raise to purchase these rights.

I don't know what we can raise, but I think a reasonable
amount to offer would be in the 8k to 20k range.  If 
HT still wants 100k, then forget it.  He's basically
saying it's not for sale at any price if that's the case.
> We would need 1 copy each of all of the material
> released for TFT.  We would be able to copy this
> material to everyone in the group.

This is a non-issue.  I'm sure any number of us could
easily make softcopy of the material if we had the
rights to do so.  
> In order to go further, what we really need is HT to
> state what he considers to be a fair offer for a game
> designed to compete with SJ and gurps.

Well, it was designed before there was a gurps, and as
a FRP game only, not a universal RP system, so I'm not
sure it's quite in the same league as gurps.  I think
that's actually a good thing, though.

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