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(TFT) Corporation for Public TFT

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>>>>>To be honest, Michael, and don't take this wrong, I
>>>>>would rather no one individual *EVER* owns the rights
>>>>>to this thing again.  

I assume that you mean no 'single' individual or simple that noone is ever
able to publish it again? 

>>>>>Okay, so a restatement of previous proposal:  Can we
>>>>>get 100 people to kick in $100?  

This seems to be the simplest method that will lead to the least fights.
Even if the corporation was only going to release the TFT to the public
domain. The only reason for an indivudal to own it is to protect it and
insure the quality of the material published for it. 

>>>>>Alternate method:  It's a committee (again), but... 
>>>>>We will sell shares in our company.  1 share costs
>>>>>$100, and has 1 vote.  You want 20 votes? Buy 20

Oh, this sounds like a steel-caged-death-match waiting to happen!  Besides,
the richest person might not be the best person to have 'controlling'
interests in the TFT property. 

>>>>>I believe we need a little non-binding vote.  If the
>>>>>price were $100 per share, would you be interested in
>>>>>purchasing 1 or more shares into this venture?

>>>>>Please answer Yea or Nay. <

It's not really a Yea or Nay question. What's the difference between 1
share and 5 shares? 

I'm certainly willing to contribute to whatever we think will work. 

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