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(TFT) Minis with TFT

> >I have a figure too.  My friend has a whole collection.  We only use them 
> >for
> >big battles so we can see opur position.
> How many pieces do you guys field in battle?

My new campaign will make use of my miniature collection (400+ and counting),
which I am trying to put on standard TFT bases (giants on 3 hex bases, dragons
on either 4, 7, or 14 hex bases, and so forth).  My group has always liked
miniature use in RPG combat, so I don't see any reason to go back to paper
chits (although I'd love minis of some of the standard Melee and Wizard figs).

My favorite bit is when I pick up minis for a different game and adapt them
for TFT.  I just picked up a pack of "Baby Growlers" for "Vor the Maelstrom",
and am going to write up stats soon.  There's also this figure pack for the
new "Crucible" fantasy wargame called something like "Beasts and Dwarven 
Handler", which has two large 4-legged beasts that will make *great* monsters
for the group to encounter.....

I would love to adapt TFT to large-scale mini battles (i.e. company or
battallion sized units), but don't have the time to spend adapting right now.

Tony Merlock
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