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Re: (TFT) [OT] tons of cheap mini's!

> I picked up a nice little game called "CARNAGE" from Holistic
> and Ziemagination. It's a fantasy army game and comes with
> 96 plastic minis (48 a side) of Reptile/Lizardmen and Humans
> sort of barbarian plainsdwellers.
> 24 Infantry, 12 Archers, 12 Cavalry for each side.

Cool, I'll have to look for it.

> BTW- anyone on the list come up with some stats and powers
> to use VOR Growlers in TFT? If not, I'll whip up my own.
> They look like giant fanged/spiked Guerillas on steroids.

I picked up a pack of "Baby Razorback Growlers" today, and will be writing
up stats for them this weekend (assuming my baby doesn't arrive and put
a dent in my gaming time ;-> ).  I don't own VOR, so I don't have the VOR
stats, but I'm good at making things up.

I figure I'll throw a couple packs of the babies agains them, and then toss
in a Onehorn as a surprise....

The only problem I have with the larger 28-30mm minis is that the bases don't
jive with the TFT standards.  I mean, a Onehorn looks like it'd fit in a Mega-
Hex, but I'm not sure I'd rate it the same as a 7-hex dragon.

Tony Merlock

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