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Re: (TFT) [OT] tons of cheap mini's!

Well, I tried to pick up a copy of Carnage on eBay for $20..... But, someone
outbid me.  Dang it!  Oh well, it's probably better that way...... At least
I don't have to explain the package arriving on the doorstep to my
non-gaming wife..... ;)

> Just stumbled over (yet another) Fantasy battle system that
> I'd missed somehow. Probably has something to do with all my
> sailing the last 2 years that played havoc with my gaming.
> I picked up a nice little game called "CARNAGE" from Holistic
> and Ziemagination. It's a fantasy army game and comes with
> 96 plastic minis (48 a side) of Reptile/Lizardmen and Humans
> sort of barbarian plainsdwellers.
> 24 Infantry, 12 Archers, 12 Cavalry for each side.

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