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(TFT) [OT] tons of cheap mini's!

Sorry for the OT post but had to "crow" somewhere and
this group has always been the most favourable to diverse
and divergent topics.

Just stumbled over (yet another) Fantasy battle system that
I'd missed somehow. Probably has something to do with all my
sailing the last 2 years that played havoc with my gaming.

I picked up a nice little game called "CARNAGE" from Holistic
and Ziemagination. It's a fantasy army game and comes with
96 plastic minis (48 a side) of Reptile/Lizardmen and Humans
sort of barbarian plainsdwellers.
24 Infantry, 12 Archers, 12 Cavalry for each side.

Only cost me $30(Cdn)/$20(US?) for the whole thing including
a very simple appx 20page rulebook and 10 dice(d10).
They input lots of humour into it and try very hard to make
it a light, fun, skirmish level game.

When I got home and opened it up and read the rules (10 minutes)
I went back down and bought both the expansions for it at
$15(Cdn) each. 

One was the magic expansion that came with 2 metal mages(1 for 
each army), 40 mana stones(counters), and 2 copies
of a greatly expanded spell list to add to the basic game.

The other was a Skullbowl(combat football?) quickie battle
rules addition including a few minis from the basic game to
field a small team for both the reptiles and the humans.
(playable by itself)

This gives me a TON of new C-H-E-A-P human and lizardman mini's
to play TFT and other games with.
Last time my gaming group met TFT Lizardmen I threw about
3 dozen Warhammer fantasy Sauras's and Skinks at them but
now I can whip up an entire village for them to visit.

<insert new SciFi game here, heh>

I also whined and hinted about Father's Day this weekend and
talked my wife into buying me a copy of TRINITY BATTLEGROUND
and a few blisters to go with it.
It was marked down to $45(Cdn)/$30(US) for the boxed set with
20 metal minis and terrain, etc. (blisters reduced too)
It's yet another SF skirmish game but they sort of reversed
the regular trend and made each side based on mostly characters
(heroes) with amybe a squad or two of grunt support troops.
I got all the extra blisters of the Abberants(aliens) because
I can use my WH40k and VOR soldiers to expand the Human forces

unfortunately, she won't let me open the damn thing until
Sunday(Fathers Day) so it's hid away for now. <sigh>

BTW- anyone on the list come up with some stats and powers
to use VOR Growlers in TFT? If not, I'll whip up my own.
They look like giant fanged/spiked Guerillas on steroids.

Mack Brewer
(very quiet list member and occasional poster)

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