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Re: (TFT) more on Cavalry Charges

Dominic Desrosiers wrote:
> >
> >That first rank of troopers is dead.
> >
> >With the reach offered by their lances, only half the lancers need be
> >engaged.  The other half (every second, after the first two or so)
> >remain unengaged.
> >
> >The troopers _must_ win initiative the second round, or the lancers will
> >all ride off, and repeat their horrendous charge at their leisure.  So
> >let's say the troopers win, and rush to engage.  They can still only
> >engage half the lancers, if the lancers have been clever.  The rest of
> >the lancers can wheel and charge again.
> That's interesting... even if the troopers defended your experience shows
> they are at a disadvantage ?  I don't have the rules in front of me, but
> this definetely bears investigation.  Cool...

Well, they could defend, I imagine, if they weren't trying to use their
polearms to spit the oncoming lancers.  Were _I_ a lancer, I'd like them
to defend.  Were I a trooper, I think I'd rather defend, too, if my duty
weren't to go down swinging (or setting, or whatever).

We'll have to game it out, Dom.
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