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(TFT) How to revive TFT without invoking a Summon Lawyer spell (fwd) (fwd)

Dave writes:

>  Actually no.  Almost everything -- basic stats, advantages, skills,
>  powers, whatever -- are treated sort of like optional rules.
>  For example, Strength is a "Modifier" (i.e. advantage/disadvantage)
>  that you can buy for your character.  If a character doesn't have
>  Strength listed on his character sheet then he's assumed to have a 
>  Strength of zero.  Almost everything with a value of zero is normal
>  human average (whatever that is).  So if a given character has an
>  average Strength, why bother listing it on the character sheet?  
>  Ideally only numbers which vary from the average are listed.

   This sounds a lot like FUDGE.  Have you heard of it?  All abilities
   are based on standard deviations of the bell curve.  An EXCEPTIONAL
   rating might mean a +2 sigma, for example.  Might be worth your time
   to check it out.  Unfortunately, I don't remember the web address
   for it -- anyone on the list know what it is?

   Making "FUDGE" dice is pretty simple too.  Take 4 six siders and give
   em a roll.  Count up the number of sixes and subtract the number of
   ones.  This value gives you a sigma score on the bell curve.  For
   example; a roll of 6,2,1,6 would yield a score of +1.  (2 rolls of 
   six minus 1 roll of one).  This scheme allows you get anything from
   a really terrible roll ( -4 sigma ) to a really fantastic roll ( +4 ).

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