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Re: (TFT) more on Cavalry Charges

Dominic Desrosiers wrote:
> >Well, they could defend, I imagine, if they weren't trying to use their
> >polearms to spit the oncoming lancers.  Were _I_ a lancer, I'd like them
> >to defend.  Were I a trooper, I think I'd rather defend, too, if my duty
> >weren't to go down swinging (or setting, or whatever).
> >
> >We'll have to game it out, Dom.
> Yeah that would be cool..
> My first reaction after reading your post was that the troopers would use
> the crenellated formation with the people on the points defending and people
> in recesses attacking/charging.

I had given that one a wave.  It seemed obvious that could _hold_, at
least one pass.  But the question (whoever had posed it) had been could
the lancers get through.  My answer is 'eventually'.  :)  I actually
think it can be done in three or four rounds, which is still far from
the expected (desired?) 'shock troop' feel.

My experiment was against the 'sloped' formation.  The lancers came in,
in two ranks(called waves hereafter), each wave spaced one hex apart. 
The first wave rides into contact with the troopers, the lancers leaning
back on their horses so as to be out of range of the second rank's (of
troopers) polearms.  The second wave rides in between the first, the
horses one hex row back, the riders leaning forward to use their
lances.  Note the second wave is not engaged.

Now it becomes a matter of stats.  If the troopers have higher DX, or if
a house rule gives the longer polearm initiative, and they have longer
polearms, they may do well.  If the lancers go first, not so much.  :) 
I happen to like 'longest pole' for a rule, and the original question
gave the troopers halberds.  

> We'll see what happens...

Indeed.  And I expect we should report to the list.  There are variants
that would of course affect the outcome; how exhaustive should our
'research' be?  For instance, do we give the lancers and troopers the
same DX/reach?  I think we should see how that goes.  I think giving the
troopers first strike essentially decides the matter, while giving the
lancers first strike is not so decisive.  I'd like to see how
crennelated compares to sloped, as well.

Also, let's be clear on what we're testing for.  "Can 10 lancers get
through 25 halberd and sword?"
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