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Re: (TFT) more on Cavalry Charges

Also, let's be clear on what we're testing for.  "Can 10 lancers get
through 25 halberd and sword?"

Right, I would consider an average cavalryman DX 14 ST 12 a cut above an average infantryman DX 12 ST 12. My reasoning is that mounted unit has a higher value than a foot unit and requires a higher degree of skill and deftness which is reflected in the DX score.

Equipment: Infantry are armed half with swords (Broad or short) half with halbreds. All would have a back-up weapon, knife for swordsman, shortsword for halberdeer's. All Armoured with leather, swordsmen with shields (small or large). I would consider them medium infantry.

Deployment: Infantry should not be allowed to stack more than 3 deep. Flanking is not an option for the Cavalry as this strictly a test for shock value. Infantry should be allowed to break ranks and engage if they should so desire.

Comments ? Suggestions ?


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