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(TFT) Re: Cheap talents

While for low-level characters, I still like the stock TFT rules, I
admit the suggestion for buying slots instead of IQ is an ingenious one
and I may discuss this option with future players/campaigns.

As for cheap talents, unless a fair number of people I was gaming with
wanted their inclusion, I still wouldn't use them. One reason for this,
I've already stated, I'm the X and I am unique. Another very good reason
was brought up by another poster, the party needs to stick together
because it needs each other. I'll save the best for last.

I feel that TFT has somewhat of a unique flavor in that it's
mob-oriented with a touch of reality. One truly odd example that I'm not
sure you'll find in any other game, is the various 'follower' talents. A
very interesting campaign could be run with the principal characters
surrounded by a retinue of sidekicks, hangers-on and old school buddies.
Instead of the beloved truly heroic characters of fantasy, they are more
like the warlords of old that worked through there vassals and minions.
I agree at higher levels TFT characters slow down and don't attain true
hero status, I would say that perhaps a different campaign style should
be used for this game system! I'm not a one-true way type about such
things, and I've played in many lone hero games, so I couldn't claim any
form of purity anyway, but I think it could be a pleasant change of pace
in some cases.

A question for everyone, how many people have followers in your games?

Possibly different games:

1. You've come to the title, now claim your birthright! One man can't
stand alone and do this. Can you collect a band of stalwarts to
overthrow the 'evil?' usurper. Consolidating your rule could take a long

2. We are the members of the clan X/brotherhood of Y/etc. We are on a
mission from ???? ;) 

These are closer to the older style diplomacy wargames than the
ancestors of D&D. I would suggest reading a copy of Tony Bath's 'Setting
up a Wargames Campaign' for inspiration, if it's still in print or

<rant off>
Jim Eckman
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