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(TFT) New Followers (was Re: Cheap talents)

From: James Eckman <fugu@wenet.net>
> A question for everyone, how many people have followers in your games?

A few. And a few with Monster Followers. My current knight character is
New Followers, even though he already has a couple followers already.

In the long term TFT campaign I played in (2.5 years twice a week), one PC
had an
IQ of around 26 (pre-Skill Point rules), Animal Handler, and a menagerie of
many animal followers, including a Dragonet, and some other nasty fighting
animals. He was
very hard to defeat. There was also a knight with New Followers and about 5
including Ardal, who was a ST 20 warrior. Our party was a Cuisinart of

> Possibly different games:
> 1. You've come to the title, now claim your birthright! One man can't
> stand alone and do this. Can you collect a band of stalwarts to
> overthrow the 'evil?' usurper. Consolidating your rule could 
> take a long
> while.

This sounds kind of like AD&D Birthright. Grand strategic roleplaying.

Brett Slocum <bslocum@ancept.com>
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