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Re: (TFT) New Followers (was Re: Cheap talents)

   Many of the microquests -- such as /Treasure of the Silver Dragon/ --
have a limit on the number of characters (or attribute points) you can bring
into the scenario.  As a GM or solo player I never include in this total
party followers gained via New Followers talent.  I figure that anyone who
took the trouble to learn New Followers (and its prerequisite Charisma)
deserves the extra help.
   I've only seen one character actually take and use New Followers -- my
own solo character, Father Paul Redal.  In TSG his party attacked some
slavers and freed their slaves, then invited the slaves to join his band.  I
made IQ rolls for Father Paul to recruit each one, generated them randomly
(30 points average), and took the best ones up to the Padre's IQ limit.  I
ran them like virtual PC's from that point, and a few actually earned some
significant experience, but they all eventually died.  Not a single one made
it past /Tollenkar's Lair/.
   I had an amusing thought while reading these New Followers posts.  Create
one leader-type character with New Followers.  Recruit some decent NPC's and
teach them New Followers.  Have /them/ recruit their /own/ followers and
teach /them/ New Followers . . .  you can see where this is going.
Eventually you'll have an army.  Then choose your GM's favorite country in
his world and conquer it.  You'll have no problem keeping the peasants in
order because your army is well liked because of all that Charisma floating
   Even more amusing: Do the same thing except use Monster Followers!

Dave Seagraves
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