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(TFT) New Followers (was Re: Cheap talents)

From: Joe Hartley <jh@brainiac.com>
> I have a Knight that has a squire and a wizard-for-hire turned follower
> in a game of OrbQuest that I'm running.  They're left over from our
> previous GrailQuest game, and we were having so much fun with the
> that the knight is undertaking the OrbQuest at Arthur's request.
> I'm running the game almost as ITL-lite; some of the whole shebang is
> left by the wayside in order to make the game more enjoyable when
> appropriate.  Should the knight have New Followers?  It's much more
> interesting to have the characters interact and have the player try to
> talk a GM's character into following him.  Otherwise trying to convince
> a character to follow the leader is a simple roll - with little role 
> involved.

In similar situations, I'd've done the same types of things in a regular
TFT game. If the situation warrants the PC getting a follower, then do it.
If the PC later buys New Followers, then perhaps it gets easier. But I
still wouldn't let someone just get a new follower without the situation
being roleplayed.

In the above mentioned situation (I'm playing the Knight), I was without
a squire, and a situation presented me with a choice of someone to be my
squire. Because of my status as Knight, I'm entitled to take on a squire,
so I didn't even think that I'd need New Followers in that situation.

As for the mage, the three of us had been on many adventures with the wizard
as my hireling. A situation arose where an old crazy enemy of the mage
showed up. He nearly killed the mage, and I ended up killing the enemy.
The mage was overwhelmed by the fact that I'd risk my life for a mere
and by gratitude for saving his life, and removing a deadly enemy. He
became a follower on his own volition, without my asking at all (or 
expecting it).

So, these were both situations where, were I GM, I would have done the same 
Brett Slocum <bslocum@ancept.com>
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