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Re: (TFT) Break Bone

> > IQ 13:  POISON IMMUNITY (T): causes all poisons to fail as if a
> > successful saving roll was made.  Has no effect on an existing
> > poison in body.  3ST & 1 ST every turn thereafter.  (My personal
> > thoughts are that this costs too much.  Maybe 1ST plus 1 per turn
> > or 3ST and it lasts 12 turns)
>   Agreed.  Perhaps 2 ST to cast for one minute, plus 1 each additional

	I agree.  For this spell to be useful, it should last minutes 
not seconds.

>   I just had an interesting thought.  To make TFT a bit more realistic,
>/double/ the IQ point cost of Bow talent and all related talents (but not
>/crossbow/).  Compared to the crossbow, learning to shoot a bow well is much
>harder than the rules reflect.  This would result in fewer archers, more
>crossbow users, and incidentally fewer sniper characters.
>   I'm also tempted to eliminate high-DX second arrow shots for the same

	I agree that bows are too cheap compared to the
other fighting talents.  As Michael will attest, that was a talent
I DID NOT suggest a cheaper price for.

> > I've never been a big fan of the stone/iron flesh spells (or,
> > even more so, the items).
>   I'm starting to have my doubts as well.  In my campaign I made Stone
>Flesh and Iron Flesh enchantments (as well as many others) cost fatigue to
>use.  An additional solution might be to cut the benefit of both of these
>items /in half/.  (Someone else here suggested not allowing them to work
>when wearing armor, but that harms my suspension of disbelief.
>"Reality-wise" why would a Stone Flesh item not make your skin rock-hard
>just because you're wearing real armor?)

	If you look at my new magic items (posted to the list
a long time ago). You will notice that almost all the items were
made 1 fST per turn.  I also made a leather flesh item that stopped
2 points of damage.  I adjusted the costs but the powerful 
defensive items stayed expensive.

>David writes . . .
> >    I view the job table as the second half of character generation.
> > It doesn't matter, young, old, experience, or beginner.  The
> > challenges will find you, you will be part of the story, most people
> > who die can see it comming.
>   To avoid the "I'm gonna roll up a Scout Ship" problem, I don't allow
>beginning characters more than four rolls on the job table before they start
>adventuring with the rest of the party.  At that point his /current game
>time/ becomes the same as everyone else's.  He /could/ then make more job
>rolls but they'd each take a week and his current game time would get far
>ahead of the party's.  Then the player would have to wait a long time in
>real time for the party to temporally catch up to him before he could
>actually roleplay with his character.
>Dave Seagraves

	Ah, come on,  don't tell me you have never rolled
up 132 characters (with a witness) some time in order to get
your scout ship.


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