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(TFT) Thoughts on Break Bone

	Rather than commenting on the specifics 
of the IQ prerequisite, fST cost etc. of this spell, I 
am wondering if this is a spell that TFT wants.

	Right now damage is unrealistic, fast and
simple.  When we start allowing spells that have 
very specific, real world, types of damage, then
the tendency is to make rules for how that damage
heals, special effects of that kind of damage, etc.  

	If memory serves you are not allowed
to pick specific bones to break (the anvil, a 
vertebrae,  collar bone of weapon arm) but I 
think that the spell description should at least 
mention the subject.  Otherwise my players
will be asking me a lot of pointed questions on
the subject.

	On a different subject, I think that 
Sleep and Freeze are too powerful for IQ 11 and 
13 spells.  So I allow people a 3vs( their lowest
attribute) in order to not be affected.  This way
the spells work pretty much as usual against
spear carriers but legendary heros have a pretty
good chance of avoiding the affect.

	It also reduces the tendency to force
EVERY player to pick up a Spell Shield item.


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