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(TFT) Spell fiddling

OK I've renamed Break Bone 'Rend' on the web page and is IQ 14 with 3fST to
cast. I agree with the upkeep of the nonanatomicalness of the damage in the
And have put in Poison Immunity with Dave's point cost finally

Question, there is probably room for both 'Steel Flesh' spells , the weaker
one at, say, IQ 18 or 19, rather than my original idea of IQ 17, in keeping
with the idea of diminishing returns. Say it was developed by some cloth
armour wearing tribes with nasty longbow- wielding elf neighbours (i.e. 8
hits stopping 1+2 damage), and the stronger (and DX reducing one) at IQ 20
(i presume since I didn't see any reference to it).
Question is, what do we name the 2  spells to differentiate them.

yours not-so-creatively
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