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(TFT) [OT] Modified TFT Live-roleplaying character

Hi Guys & Gals,

Just thought I'd throw out my character for a two-day
live action role-playing game coming up 29/30 July.
This is going to be a bit of a departure from regular
"Fantasy Field Trip Society" rules in that we'll be able
to keep the character and earn experience to improve them
if Colin runs a sequel next year.
Usually FFTS games are strictly one-shot and not connected
to any other game so the characters are one-shot too.

Here's the very brief game intro we were given and the
character and background I'm intending to run, if aproved.

A "participant" game means that we start with no set teams
and may freely ally/oppose anyone we want to. Teams will
be formed/broken/betrayed at will and there should be lots
of puzzles and monsters and mini-quests to keep us occupied.
Thieves and Assassins will probably be out in force.
Hopefully they'll be sensible and not kill "The Priest" who
can heal them, eh?

NOTE- FFTS combat uses a single d20 instead of 3d6 for
all rolls. Spellcasting/etc. is against DX while all
knowledge related skills are rolled against IQ.



Subject: Upcoming FFTS game!
Date: Monday, July 03, 2000 10:09 AM

Hi folks, the newsletter is a little delayed so here
is the intro for FFTS's July game by Colin Hoeg.

Hope to see you all there!

Russell Rait
Treasurer and Pest Extraordinaire

July 29-30, 2000  2-day game

For nearly two hundred years the Royal Institute of Magery has been a
bastion of knowledge.  People journey from near and far to benefit
from the wisdom of the men and women who live there to study the
arcane.  You are one of those in need of answers.  You have traveled
for many days to reach the institute in order to gain the knowledge
you so desperately seek.  Last night, you stopped to rest, happy at
the thought that only one more days travel would bring you to your
goal.  Just around midnight, you were wrenched from your peaceful
slumber by a tremendous clap of thunder.  As you struggled free of
your blankets, you realized that the sky was perfectly clear, the moon
full and bright.  By its light you could see only one cloud in the
sky, off in the distance, in the direction of the Institute, and it
appeared strangely mushroom shaped.  You wondered what this could
mean, as you finally settled back down to a somewhat less peaceful
sleep.  Perhaps the mages will know the answer...

This will be a 2 day participant game.  Characters will be based on 40
points.  As an added bonus, those who write up a background for their
character will receive a gift of 3 additional points to spend on their
character.  July 29-30 will be the time, Wookies' Retreat will be the

I was also hoping to try out a new concept in Field Trip, the ongoing
campaign.  Characters who survive have the option of using the same
character again in the next Rimworld adventure with experience earned
on previous Rimworld adventures added in.  Points will be awarded for
finding a major item, successful completion of personal quests,
successful completion of main plot quest, sportsmanship, costuming,
good roleplaying, etc.


NAME:  Jock McBile (MkII) "Scottish" (40+4 cp's +3 bonus?)
PLAYER: Mack Brewer
CLASS:  Scholar & Sage (infamous historian and book writer)
  (secretly, Priest of Oghma/God of Knowledge and Bards)
RACE:  Human (Scottish)

DEX: 16(15)  Move- 7 paces/round
STR: 15      S.G.- 3
IQ:  16      Armor:  2/0

SPELLS(IQ):       Study: Prep: STR: Roll: Dmg: Notes:
Literacy(10)       1     -     -     -
Priest(12)         2
Scholar(15)        3     -     -     16
Charge Item(8)     1     1     1     15
Detect Magic(8)    1     0     1     15
Enchant Item(8)    2     10    10     -          makes personal
Bless spell(9)     free  1     2/1   15    -     +4 Dx while
Apparitions(11)    2     0*    4     15          target flees 2 rounds
Healing hands(14)  1     2     1     15     -3   stops poison
Circle of
Protection(14)     1     6     2/p   15          force field
Lore(15)           2     3     4     15          like analyze magic

In-game Possessions:
Personal battery(Golf club putter) OOOOO  OOOOO  OOOOO
2 pt Cloth armor

"OOG"(Out of Game) possessions(no game affect):
set of golf clubs and golfballs
Travel journal and research notes

--------------< 100 gold spent as follows: >---------------
+4 character points      40g
-1 prep on Apparitions   20g(2 cp's)
Relic(golf club)         20g
Cloth armor(1pt)         10g
+1 armor protection      10g(1 cp)

 Character History:

 Jock McBile is one of the most infamous historians, scholars, and
beer guzzlers in all of Scotland!

He's known and feared far and wide for his caustic tongue and his
peculiar view on world affairs. To be to the point, "If it's not
Scottish, it's CRAP!"

McBile is a fanatically devoted scholar and historian and takes great
pride in his many printed works on the great kingdom of Scotland and
it's proud and noble lineage.  However, he's not too complimentary
about much of anything else.  He is an arrogant bastard for the most
part and can't get along with people for long as he thinks they're all
inferior to him in intellect, and unfortunately, with an IQ of 16 he's
usually right.  He just isn't too diplomatic about it.

 He has a curious disregard for the concept of GOOD or EVIL, maybe due
to his long historian's outlook on things and has been known to drink
and party with anyone from the noblest Paladin to the vilest Assassin
in his quest for knowledge and researching his books.  He worships
"Ohgma" the god of Knowledge and Bards and that's about the only two
things he respects. Knowledge and some good drinking music and songs.
Oddly enough, he's never given a bad "review" to the lowliest of Bards
or minstrels and praises them often.

 The only thing in the entire world that Jock adores more than his
quest for knowledge is his fanatical pursuit of GOLF! The terms golf
"nut" or "addict" pale in comparison to Jock's devotion to the game,
and many a time has he been seen chasing a poor sod across the greens
with golf clubs in both hands screaming "miserable cheatin' bastidge"
at the top of his lungs or cornering some poor sap at a Tavern and
lecturing him interminably about "The Game".

 As to why he's here at the Rim of the world, well seems like Jock was
being himself and annoying the hell out of good Scottish King
McTaggart, so he off and tells Jock about this great Royal Institute
of Magery in Rimworld and how maybe it's about time some good
Scottsman (like Jock) went over and checked it out, and maybe
introduce the savages over there to a real man's game like Golf. Jock
fell for it hook, line, and sinker  and off he went to civilize the
barbarians and get some material for a new book on "The Rim of the
World", or at least that's what he'll tell everyone he's working on.
 His real purpose will be to satisfy his rabid curiosity about the
Institute and to see if he can gain any worthwhile knowledge "for

 Jock's most closely guarded secret is that he is also a novice Priest
in the service of Oghma!

Not even King McTaggart knows of this as Oghma has no temples and is
served thru expanding knowledge and the building of libraries. Only
small, mostly neglected
shrines marks this Deity's presence and for the most part he's
forgotten or ignored in favour of more powerful and much more warlike
gods. Especially since Oghma won't allow the casting of any damage
type spells.  McBile is hoping to eventually find a worthy benefactor
devoted to knowledge who will fund the construction of a University
and Temple devoted to Oghma. If he can ever convince anyone to stop
fighting long enough that is!

 Seems that Oghma came to him in his dreams and told him to "knock off
the rabid loud-mouthed antics" he was so fond of or he'd never rise
above his prejudices to attain real knowledge and become a High Priest
in his service. In penance, Jock must travel to the "rim of the world"
and look for wisdom in it's great Institute of Learning.

OOG(Out of Game comment):
 If Jock discovers that the Institute was "nuked" just before he
arrived he's really going to be pissed! Rabid Scottsman, Ahoy!

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