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(TFT) History or Hollywood

To digress from the list but in a way it is not a digression because it's
history related.  For those of you who will see Mel Gibson's The Patriot it
is a very good movie a an action epic and well worth the price.  BUT history
YEEEECCCCCH!  If I was a citizen in the UK I would want this movie banned
(especially just after U-541 which took British history and Americanized it
but another good action movie).  After costume and setting and very few
historical personages (not portrayed correctly),  the movie was totally
Hokiewood (nothing to do with Virginia Tech though).

Why should it be banned?  Although a lot of horrible things (both sides
being responsible) happened during the southern campaign of the American
Revolution this movie makes the Brits look like Nazis killing Jews.  You
will understand when see what Tavington (antagonist to Gibson's, Benjamin
Martin) does to the populous of a town.  There is no basis on what happens
and I am a very well read AR historian.  Tavington is based on Banastre
Tarleton, who was known as the Green Dragoon and was the figurative
"bastard" because of his treatment of the Continental Army and militia on
the battlefield (massacre at Waxhaws).  But most atrocities in the South
during the war were perpetuated between loyalist and patriot militias.  This
was a true civil war.

If you see it, and again I say it is well worth seeing, remember this (my
wife agrees and that's something) the movie is a combination of William
Wallace meets Hawkeye (Braveheart meets Last of the Mohicans for those less
historically minded) on a Rev War battlefield.

A question for you list readers is how many TFT points is Benjamin Martin

Yours in the Hollywood part of Cidri,

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