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(TFT) Temporoary Enchantment

<IQ 18: TEMPORARY ENCHANTMENT (T) Affects any weapon so that it is
2 ways.  First, it adds +1 DX to whomever uses it for every 3 ST used in
casting.  Second, the weapon is now capable of hitting someone who is under
Astral Projection spell or Insubstantiality but cannot be used against
someone using Spell Shield or a Pentagram because of the power of the
enchantment.  COST: 3 ST for each +1, 1 ST to maintain.

My personal thoughts is by the time a wizard has experienced himself up to
IQ 18 most folks in his party will have magic weapons.  What is it?  A
plus weapon cost to mage up a weapon.  Perhaps lower the IQ or ST costs or
possibly both.>

I'd go way down - IQ 13 (weapon/armour enchantment is IQ 14) and leave the
ST cost as is - i.e. a ST costly way for dumber wizards to get their own at
enchanted/astral critters.


Additionally what was everyones final idea about Blind shall I stick it on
as is?
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