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Re: (TFT) Temporoary Enchantment and Summon Object

Cas Liber wrote:
> <IQ 18: TEMPORARY ENCHANTMENT (T) Affects any weapon so that it is enchanted
> 2 ways.  First, it adds +1 DX to whomever uses it for every 3 ST used in
> casting.  Second, the weapon is now capable of hitting someone who is under
> Astral Projection spell or Insubstantiality but cannot be used against
> someone using Spell Shield or a Pentagram.  3 ST per +1, 1 ST to maintain.
> My personal thought is by the time a wizard has experienced himself up
> to IQ 18 most folks in his party will have magic weapons.


> What is it?  A $1000 plus weapon cost to mage up a weapon?

I believe that's the cost to buy one.  If you're making them yourself 
it's even cheaper, basically lab rental plus foregoing a week's income.

However, this "Temporary Enchantment" spell has a misleading name.  It 
allows people to hit creatures under the Astral Projection/Insubstantiality
spells, which is not, I believe, something "ordinary" enchanted weapons 
can do.  Perhaps a better name for this spell would be "Spirit Blade" or 
some such.

As far as the IQ, I wouldn't necessarily lower this one too much since
it has some unique benefits.  Maybe make it 14 or 15.  The ST cost should 
probably be 2 per +1, though--note that you can't get a damage bonus with 
it.  Making it last a flat 12 rounds instead of a cost per turn is also
likely a good idea.

Finally, I'd suggest dropping the bit about not hitting people with Spell 
Shield or Pentagrams.  

(Of course, the overpowered Astral Spell should probably be changed so that
 smart-alecks using it can be hit by enchanted weapons, in which case this
 spell should probably be IQ 12 or 13.)

> Additionally what was everyones final idea about Blind shall I stick it on
> as is?

Fine by me, at least.

Here's a spell I don't think has been done before for TFT:

SUMMON OBJECT  IQ 16  ST Cost 4 + 2/day
  This spell has no immediate effect when cast on an object, but the object
affected can be summoned by the caster at some later point, so long as the
spell has not expired.  This summoning can transport the object a maximum
distance of 10xIQ in miles, and occurs regardless of physical barriers, 
although pentagrams and similar magical barriers can prevent it from 
  The object to be summoned must be an inanimate object weighing no more 
than the caster's ST in kilos, and must be a discrete object, not a section
of a larger one.  The caster must be touching the item in order to place 
this spell on it.  The total ST cost is halved if the caster places the 
spell on a STAFF or STAFF OF POWER that he has made.
  Note that if the caster can temporarily raise his IQ through AID spells 
or the like, the distance over which he can summon an object is increased 

(If you think it's too good perhaps limit it to non-enchanted items or 
 introduce a /small/ chance that the spell goes awry and transports the
 item to a random location within 10xIQ miles.)
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