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Re: (TFT) Temporoary Enchantment and Summon Object

On Fri, 07 Jul 2000 21:53:44 -0400, you wrote:

>Here's a spell I don't think has been done before for TFT:
>SUMMON OBJECT  IQ 16  ST Cost 4 + 2/day
>  This spell has no immediate effect when cast on an object, but the object
>affected can be summoned by the caster at some later point, so long as the
>spell has not expired.  This summoning can transport the object a maximum
>distance of 10xIQ in miles, and occurs regardless of physical barriers, 
>although pentagrams and similar magical barriers can prevent it from 
>  The object to be summoned must be an inanimate object weighing no more 
>than the caster's ST in kilos, and must be a discrete object, not a section
>of a larger one.  The caster must be touching the item in order to place 
>this spell on it.  The total ST cost is halved if the caster places the 
>spell on a STAFF or STAFF OF POWER that he has made.
>  Note that if the caster can temporarily raise his IQ through AID spells 
>or the like, the distance over which he can summon an object is increased 
>(If you think it's too good perhaps limit it to non-enchanted items or 
> introduce a /small/ chance that the spell goes awry and transports the
> item to a random location within 10xIQ miles.)

I love these sort of spells.  The first spell I generally reseach in a
game (not just TFT) is an Aport spell; essentially the spell you
outlined above to summon a staff.  Just seems like a wizard ought to
be able to make his staff appear in his hand out of thin air with a
thought to impress the locals!

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