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(TFT) Re: TFT: Expert Weapon Talents

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        Hi Michael,
        I strongly agree with this talent in principle, I just
think that this particular talent is too cheap and easy to pick 
up.  Something that valuable should COST the player who 
picks it up.  I _do_ allow people who have good talents to
take good talents so I expect to find people with this to have
Blurs in my campaign.


It's definitely not 'balanced' with the other talents, but I suspect that
was the author's intent. (Where's Ty been lately anyway?)

I do think I would keep Blur's away from these guys, but I dont have a
problem with an Expert swordsman consistently beating a non-expert! I'd
just make this fairly rare to be taught.....(teaching by players takes
twice as long as normal and requires the Teacher (9/2) talent).

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