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Re: (TFT) TFT: Expert Weapon Talents

edt writes:

< regarding "my" method > ...

>I like it!  Anybody care to do the math?  :)

I've looked at the math on this and, to tell you the truth,
its beyond me.  The Maximization and Minimization functions
make it really difficult to arrive at a "closed" solution.

I have run repeated simulations on this though and the curves
behave as expected.  As you increase difficulty, the mean of
the curve moves toward the right, getting higher and higher.
The nice thing that popped out was that I couldn't force the
mean to exactly 18.  Which makes sense if you think about it,
there's always the small chance that something fortuitous
will occur.  The same thing happens as you relax difficulty
but in reverse; ie, the mean moves to the left, approaching
3 but never quite getting there.

If you have written a die throwing simulation, this sort of
rule is fairly easy to put in to the code.  Try it, I think
you'll like what you see.   : )


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