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Re: (TFT) Crunching the numbers...

John Paul Bakshoian wrote:
> This reminds me of the time I played in a Chivalry and Sorcery campaign
> where the GM had the players roll "To Hit" and "Damage" at the same time to
> speed up the game.  Rolling To Hit dice would be all one color and damage
> dice would be another.  If you hit, damage was already rolled.
> If Joe has adjDX=12 and uses a shortsword:
>   Miss                          Hit
>   red = 4                       red = 2
>   red = 6                       red = 3
>   red = 5                       red = 1
>   blue = 5                      blue = 3
>   blue = 4                      blue = 3         5 points damage
> I think I will be using this system for my L.A. Con game.

This is so close to an idea I had that I'll go out on a limb and break
from TFT to share it...

Why not only roll the three dice, with two of _those_ being color-coded
as the damage dice?  Why not?  Well, you would only do high damage on
high rolls to hit, and...

Waitaminute (I thought), you mean more-skilled characters would do more
damage?  AND the dice-rolling would be cut in half, as a bonus?  Hey, (I
thought) that's got potential...

You guys are to blame, you know.  When I found this list, I went and
read all the archives.  All your 'like this', 'hate this', 'what about
this'...  It bounced around my head until I had to DESIGN!!!

Now I've got 8 pages, charts, tables...  My gods, what have I become?! 

But hey, I got 'to hit', 'parry' and damage in one roll.
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