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Re: (TFT) Crunching the numbers...

John wrote,

This reminds me of the time I played in a Chivalry and Sorcery campaign where the GM had the players roll "To Hit" and "Damage" at the same time to speed up the game. Rolling To Hit dice would be all one color and damage dice would be another. If you hit, damage was already rolled.

Thorn wrote,

Why not only roll the three dice, with two of _those_ being color-coded
as the damage dice?  Why not?  Well, you would only do high damage on
high rolls to hit, and...

I did a variation similar to this with TFT. A player rolled 3d to hit. If they hit they picked their damage from the dice already rolled. It was impossible to do max damage with a great sword without a charm and 16 DX. I loved it. My players hated it. Triple damage was miniscule. I liked it because it did speed up the turn. I was even thinking about making flaming great swords a 4d to hit, just like the damage. Then I considered letting a dagger attack be a 1d to hit. This forces the opponents to roll at the same time. If two players roll their dice at the same time the other one does. Whoever rolls higher, and was still under their DX, hit and the other player didn't. That way, sure, a dagger throw was easy but an opposed throw was somewhat more problematic. This puts players in the position that if they have 14 DX they may wish to roll 4d to hit with a dagger. They have a better chance of rolling higher than their opponent.

    David Michael Grouchy II

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