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Re: (TFT) Crunching the numbers...

John Paul Bakshoian wrote:
> Go ahead and continue its potential and then present it to the group.  All
> the dicing systems we are discussing have potential as optional playing
> procedures, and if anything with these discussions, we get a better
> understanding of what the dice are trying to simulate.

It's nearly ready to beta.  I'll send a Word doc (with Excel and .BMP
inclusions) to anyone who asks.  Or if the list owner allows, I'll post
text (only) to the list.

> >You guys are to blame, you know.  When I found this list, I went and
> >read all the archives.  All your 'like this', 'hate this', 'what about
> >this'...  It bounced around my head until I had to DESIGN!!!
> >
> >Now I've got 8 pages, charts, tables...  My gods, what have I become?!
> We thank you.  Welcome to the club.  Now go out and DESIGN some more!

It's _designed_, it's only needing to have the sections placed in some
coherent order, and for me to pick a tone for the document, and polish
the charts (really the charts are optional, they just illustrate the
formulas) ...

Formulas?!  Well, yes, if "Weapons do damage equal to the greatest of
the user's STRength or the weapon's WeiGhT, multiplied by the weapon's
LeVeRage, plus the difference of WGT and STR" is a formula.
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