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Re: (TFT) Number Crunching: Example

From: Michael Taylor <MichaelTaylor1@compuserve.com>
Subject: (TFT) Number Crunching:  Example
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:05:08 -0400

According to my copy of the Fantasy Master's Codex (Combat, page 6) theTo
Hit Rolls work as follows;

        weapon effects
#dice   triple  double  auto    normal  automiss        drop    break
3d6:    3       4       5       6-15    16      17      18
4d6:    4       5       6       7-19    20      21-22   23-24
5d6:    5       6       7       8-23    24-25   26-27   28-30
6d6:    6       7       8       9-27    28-30   31-33   34-36
7d6:    7       8       9       10-31   32-34   35-38   39-42


Thats what I wanted to see. I recalled there was some chart already done. So, what was the matter with using this chart? It gives critical hits and critical misses. If the group feels that the triple damage ratio in a 3D6 doesnt hold up in a 7D6 series, perhaps mathematically we could spread it out: 7 & 8 are triple, 9 & 10 is double, or something like that.

Though H3 is interesting, I much prefer the chart.

Now what about a talent that lets a character defend better?  Say, add
another Die to make it 5D6.  Or what about a talent that lets him
immediately counter an attack that he defended:  Sam defends, Joe misses or hits, Sam immediately uses his counterattack skill at -4DX.
John Paul<<

This sounds like a heckuva lot easier solution. Something along the lines of allowing each additoinal level of weapon skill to cancel out -1d6 from a Defend or Dodge. Therefore Improved Sword (7/4) subtracts -1d6 from any Defend attempts. Advanced Bow (7/7)
subracts -2d6 from Dodge's, etc.

You could even make an argument that having an adjDX 4 or more above your attacker can cancel out d6's.

But these all seem like simplier ways of achieving the goal - making it easier to attack those who are very hard to hit...


I hadn't thought of one of the 'Improved' Sword talents helping on a defend. Sort of like Knife comes automatically with sword talent. And because the 'Advanced' Bowman is trained to shoot zigzagging targets, the dodge becomes less effective. But this might boost the cost of the talent a bit.

Hail Melee

John Paul

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