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Re: (TFT) Ahhh, completeness!

David Michael Grouchy II wrote:
> >Who else but you guys would care??
>      HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL ROTF LOL.  TFT is closer to science than fantasy.  And
> the future holds new perspectives on the past.  There may even come a day
> when people would be surprised to find out that you said that at this time.

LOL.  Not so long ago I was talking to a friend of mine, and reflecting
on how I've got this one character that only 'exists' in one campaign,
and another character that I'm still permuting into multiple campaigns. 
I said, "Who knows, maybe in a hundred years RPG historians will refer
to this as my 'Sharan' period."  :)

I can see 'Thorn's Sharan Period: looking for Vela's influence' on a
seminar bill next to 'The Hartley Collection: Highlights and Review',
and 'Beyond TFT: Smith and the beginnings of Pashaidic RP'  :)

> Does anyone else have a complete copy of metagaming?  Let them step forward.
>      Socrates said that after the phisics comes the metaphisics.  What comes
> after gaming?  Four people I know still play Sid Meyer's Civilization on the
> computer.

Make that five.  It gets dusted off from time to time here, too.

>  I remember playing the board game before that, and before that
> there was "Sticks and Stones" by Metagaming.

S&S was fertile ground, to be sure.  One of the periodical fo the time
had a 'Conquistador' expansion, and I remember us turning the basic game
into a RP setting ('system' being perhaps too generous a word), to
attempt the rescue of a Dependents counter (that had begun a game
stacked with a particularly luck warrior counter) from the despised
White Tribe.

>      I remember distinctly the time a friend of mine came up to me and
> expressed the wish that "Sticks and Stones" went beyond the level of
> technology it acheived.  I also remember playing Civilization the board game
> and wondering why it stopped at space travel.

Alpha Centauri does a good job of feeling like a continuation of the
Civilization tale.  I recommend the game to any with interest in 4X

>      Most of metagamings products were things that satisfied the curiosity
> and at the same time made one hungry for more.  Congradulations on your
> collection.  Now extract the science and share it with us.  Please.
>      Didn't GURPS try a cave man supliment.  It didn't have the tech
> development that "sticks and stones" had did it.  Thats the fundamental
> question after all isnt it?  If you have to play a cave man, do the rules
> allow you to evolve?

And if they don't: Will you be limited by them?

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