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Re: (TFT) Ahhh, completeness!

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From: Thorn <edt@dopey.ne.mediaone.net>

>Mack Brewer wrote:
>> and I still haven't seen ANY space game out yet
>> that matches "Master of Orion" or MOO2 for sustained
>> playability and fun.
>Space Empires III, by Malfador Machinations deserves a look.  4X,
>turn-based.  Design individual ships and build a fleet, explore,
>colonize, and build and defend your empire.  And it will run on any
>machine I've tried it on yet.  (Windows, that is)  SE IV is
>coming out 'any day now', but that's kind of like waiting for the
>turn in an email game.  :)

Oops, forgot that one. Doh!!
One of my all time favourites from way back to
SE1, SE2, and of course, SE3.
I still play SE3 quite a bit and SE2 is my
"traveller" as it also runs on my old 386 laptop.

>> But be damned if the "brainwashed" idiots
>> (sorry, ranting) will try TFT instead of their
>> beloved AD&D. They're still browbeating me into
>> DM'ing another AD&D Campaign and I have absolutely
>> ZERO interest in it! (I did buy all the books though
>> to give them a good, thorough read)
>What's your price?  I'd like to do that thorough read, myself, but
>can't justify the cost for a system I'm not going to use.

Couldn't sell the stuff yet, my wife would kill me!
She's one of the ones hounding me to GM it!


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