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Re: (TFT) tribes and totems (and clubs/ST)

> This brings me to another point which I don't remember us
> discussing - say one has a club for the appropriate ST and
> one gains an ST point; does one have to discard the said
> club and get one slightly larger and heavier - how much
> latitude do GMs give; 3ST 5ST or what?
> yous shamanically
> Cas

	I would say that you would need a larger club
but I wouldn't worry about it every ST point.  Every
2 or 3 would be often enough.


    Ten strength.
If a figure has ten more strength than is required for a two handed weapon, they may use that weapon one handed. A battle axe in the hands of a 25 ST giant is a one handed weapon. I suppose a bigger axe could be made. An axe that is a two handed weapon even for a 25 ST giant. He could use it one handed at 35 ST. In fact Rick made a page on TY's website that deals with giant weapons quite well.


In the same vein, how much strength can a character increase before they need new fine plate made for them? How much for new chainmail? Do magic rings fit any finger? This is a hard point to even dare to mention to players. They are loath to part with their $10,000 stoneflesh fine plate just because they have gotten too big. I imagine on this point all GMs give the maximum latitude. I am inclined to.

    David Michael Grouchy II

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