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(TFT) Size in TFT

     In the same vein, how much strength can a character increase before
they need new fine plate made for them?  How much for new chainmail?  Do
magic rings fit any finger?  This is a hard point to even dare to mention to
players.  They are loath to part with their $10,000 stoneflesh fine plate
just because they have gotten too big.  I imagine on this point all GMs give
the maximum latitude.  I am inclined to.

     David Michael Grouchy II>>>>

Been a while but I'm back to add my two Mnoren.  When I was playing with a
group actively, we (or should I say I) had a problem with the one size fits
all armour.  I came up with a simplified system for character size in the


To know a characters size, add 2d6 to the following racial bonuses.

halfling/proot = 12
goblin = 15
dwarf = 18
hobgoblin = 21
elf = 24
orc = 27
human/high elf = 30
centaur/gargoyle = 33 ---- armor specific may only were armor made for
                           their species
reptileman = 36 ---- as centaur/gargoyle

Each pip equals 2 inches.  So if a dwarf rolled a "7", it would have a total
of "25" equaling 4'2" tall.

Yours in Cidri,

P.S. Just when you think you run out of house rules they drag you back in

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