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Re: (TFT) tribes and totems (and clubs/ST)

Stan wrote:
Yikes...yeah that could be annoying, if you rated every
fine plate for what ST and race it fit...heh I'm
beginning to like this. (I hate fine plate, think it
basically breaks the armor system.) Of course you'd
have a similar, but less severe problem with other
armor. maybe "one size really does fit all" in TFT.

I think this is part of the unspoken contract between a GM and players. I toy with it all the time. At the start of a campaign I am a real stickler for details. All the encumbrance, how much damage a shield has taken, and how much more armor costs for reptile men and giants. No one can wear a suit of fine plate that has not been tailored to them. How much water do you have left? Sorry, if you carry all the loot yourself you?ll be moving at one hex a turn. Everything changes when they get their first magic item. I feel this enhances the value of magic items for the players. I have never given an encumbrance for any magic item, and the players haven?t asked. We don?t keep track of damage taken by magic shields, and magic swords get a saving throw vs. breaking. A magic ring will seem to change shape in your hand, just like it did for Frodo. The shaft of the arrow of a quiver of replenishment will lengthen to fit your bow. Conversely potions are not magic items. Be it a mouse, a man, or a giant, it takes one potion to dose them. A gas bomb on the other hand will affect every one in a megahex. I will let my players invent all kinds of new leather bags, straps, saddles, sheaths, ammo belts, molotov bandaliers, boot knives, and sholder harnesses. They do this when they want to renegotiate the rules on number of items one can carry on a belt, or how many secondary weapons they can have. Weapons that they can ready in combat, all others carried have to be stowed away or left. I do not let them invent any new megahex or area efftects. I do not let them come up with new ways to attack two people at the same time. When compared to area effect spells in AD&D there are almost none in Wizard, and the area they affect is much less as well. Word of command, darkness, dazzle, megahex avert, MH sleep, and MH freeze to name some. Anything short of word of command and a loan hero can be overpowered by greater numbers. I don?t care what his stats are. With word of command even the mob can be overcome. Without it even the strongest hero is subject to the mob, and hence popular opinion and gossip. This is another of the unspoken contracts between my players and I. With the megahex effect spells or even shockshield, a player might be able to effect an escape. It is not until they get some top of the line magical armor that they can take the mob. If a character is stopping enough damage he might charge heedlessly into a pool of twenty orcs. Speaking of a pool of orcs, this brings us back to the Cult of the Blood Lust. I wouldn?t allow that kind of area affect. I would say that each member orc could make their own roll on 2d vs IQ to go berserk with the same effects as described by Cas. The cost of only rolling two dice would be one wound to each orc. This means they will take a total of two wounds. Anyone who recovers from berserk also takes a wound. The heavy personal blood sacrafice of the shaman would happen the night before for the trance and the demon summoning.

    David Michael Grouchy II

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