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Re: (TFT) Size in TFT

I'll see your two mnoren and raise you two. He he. Unfortunately the following isn't really about armor. Another aspect of size in TFT, are the multihex figures. If one divides a beginning giants? ST by his hexes the result is about 8 ST per hex. For lack of a better term I will call it muscle density. A two hex donkey of 14 ST would have 7 ST per hex, a Pegasus of 22 ST would have 11 ST per hex. As dragons increase in size their muscle mass actually becomes less

1-Hex      12 ST = 12.0 ST    per hex
2-Hex      16 ST =  8.0 ST    per hex
4-Hex      30 ST =  7.5 ST    per hex
7-Hex      60 ST =  8.6 ST    per hex
14-Hex     100 ST =  7.1 ST    per hex

Of course this is a very crude form of analysis. In actuality the strength of a creature should actually be compared to the creatures weight(see ITL page 35 Weights of characters for the official power-to-mass ratio), to get muscle mass. For instance an Apep is 6 hexes long with a 40 ST. This is a 6.666 ST per hex, but a snake could hardly be said to be a full hex wide, and definitely is no where near being a full hex tall. As flawed as it is I used the ST per hex(SPH?) because the 'hex' is the basic unit of measurement for combat and magic. That and it has been helpful in inventing new multi-hexed creatures. Particularly the kind that can get bigger. A 3-Hex turtle has 12 SPH, but a 7-Hex turtle only 10. In most cases the larger they get the less their ST per Hex. I used a 21-hex sea dragon once (his name was Murry) and he only had a ST of 126 or 6 SPH.

    David Michael Grouchy II

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