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Re: (TFT) tribes and totems (and clubs/ST)

David Michael Grouchy II wrote:
>      In the same vein, how much strength can a character increase before
> they need new fine plate made for them?  How much for new chainmail?  Do
> magic rings fit any finger?  This is a hard point to even dare to mention to
> players.  They are loath to part with their $10,000 stoneflesh fine plate
> just because they have gotten too big.  I imagine on this point all GMs give
> the maximum latitude.  I am inclined to.

Yikes...yeah that could be annoying, if you rated every fine plate for what ST
and race it fit...heh I'm beginning to like this.  (I hate fine plate, think
it basically breaks the armor system.)  Of course you'd have a similar, but
less severe problem with other armor.  maybe "one size really does fit all"
in TFT.
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